Sustainable Architecture: Best Green Building Designs
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Sustainable Architecture: Best Green Building Designs

Little drops of rain fill the ocean. Thus, little sustainable acts can go a long way to save the environment. Also, as climate change is real; if we do not do something about it, the only livable planet will become unlivable. Thus, it is time to act.

Well, we may keep thinking about how do we help sustain the environment or how do we recycle stuff? But there are people out there who have acted promptly and seen impeccable results.

One such sustainable act to save the environment is green buildings. Architects have brainstormed and come up with such awesome ideas for green buildings that you will be mesmerized. The construction may seem seamless and the buildings are a sight to the eye. Getting essay writing help uk experts will provide you with an assistance how to make green building statistics effectively nowadays.

So here is a shout-out to all the builders, architects, and laborers who have put in efforts and made such wonderful buildings. And you should see these buildings when you are in the respective towns.

#1 Jean Nouvel/ Frasers Property and Sekisui House, Sydney, Australia

The building has hydroponic walls and horizontal plantations in maximum parts. The architecture of the building was designed keeping in mind the seasons and how the sun affected the residents.

The plantations are done in such a way that they save residents from the harsh sun in summer and provide warmth in winters.

The best part is that no artificial plants are used in the building. The entire building is eco-friendly and sustainable. The plants provide ample oxygen and fresh air to the residents.

In brief, you can actually feel the freshness of the greens when you walk into this building. Having plants at home also helps students write essays but some of them prefer to appeal to the best cheap essay writing services.

#2 Pixel Building, Melbourne, Australia

This building is known to be a zero-carbon emission building. It is not only eco-friendly but also a visual treat. The architects have designed the building with colorful panels. But these panels are not just to make the building visually appealing, they have a lot of other functions as well.

These panels keep the building cool and also help in generating electricity. They are supported by rooftop wind turbines. The building also has rainwater harvesting, storm-water runoff prevention, and other features that make it 100% sustainable.

#3 The Crystal, London

This building is designed in a way to consumes minimal energy. It is made of highly insulated glazing of various transparency. This helps to control the sunlight in the building.

Moreover, the facade is designed in a beautiful way to play with solar energy. It is coated to absorb minimum heat but the inward design ensures that the building receives proper daylight.

Also, the name goes well with the structure as it is a crystal-shaped building. Even the interiors of the building are designed in a way to let the environment in, with minimal effort.

#4 One Agel Suare, Manchester, UK

This building is designed to passively absorb sun rays and keep the temperature normal. There are underground earth concrete tubes to manage the heat and cooling of the incoming air. Thus concrete ceilings absorb the extra heat and keep the building cool. Thus saving a lot of energy!

To conclude,

Apart from these, there are various buildings that are 100% eco-friendly, try and find some in your area and check out what they're doing differently. Moreover, if we work together we surely can make the earth a sustainable place to live in!

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