Bourne Medical Services

Bourne does not have a hospital or any treatment centres in the town itself, however, there are a number of hospitals and treatment centres close to the town.

If you need to attend an Accident & Emergency department, the closest ones are at Peterborough Hospital (PE3 9GZ) and Pilgrim Hospital (PE21 9SQ), both of which are open 24 hours a day. Please note that there is a bus service provided from Bourne to Peterborough City Hospital - please see Delaine Buses website for more information.

If you need to attend a Walk-in centre for non-emergency treatment, Spalding has an Urgent Treatment Centre located at the Johnson Community Hospital (PE11 3DT). This is open from 8.00am until 8.00pm 7 days a week. The Spalding Urgent Treatment Centre can treat a range of conditions which are not critical or life threatening, including sprains and strains, suspected broken limbs, bites and stings, eye problems, feverish illness in adults and children, minor scaled and burns and emergency contraception. X-rays are also available here on weekdays. Parking is available on-site. There is also a UTC at Peterborough Hospital and Pilgrim Hospital.

There is a Minor Injuries Unit at Stamford and Rutland Hospital (PE9 1UA) in the near-by town of Stamford. This is open from 9.00am until 5.00pm Monday to Friday (closed Bank Holidays) and can treat a range of minor injuries, including cuts and wounds, minor burns and scaled, sprains, minor injuries, or broken bones. X-rays are also available here. Limited parking is available on-site.

To find out current wait times at each A&E department and Walk-in centre you can download an app called Wait Times. This will also tell you the best A&E or Walk-in centre for your circumstances.

If you require emergency dental treatment, there is an emergency dentist located in Peterborough (PE2 8WB) - you can call 01733 214161 to book an appointment. There is also a Dental Access Centre in Peterborough for urgent dental care (PE1 ITN) - you can call here on 0300 555 6667. You may also be able to get an emergency appointment by calling your registered NHS dentist. Taking painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can help relieve the pain whilst you wait for an appointment.

If you are unsure which department to visit, please call the NHS 111 service who will be able to assist you in attending the right department for your needs. You can also visit the 111 NHS website at

Mental Health Support in Bourne

Bourne is very fortunate to benefit from a fantastic mental health provision provided by a charity called Don't Lose Hope. This charity provides subsidised counselling sessions from it's base in Bourne town centre. Waiting times to start sessions are considerably less than on the NHS and up to 10 sessions are available per person. Please see our Don’t Lose Hope page for more information.

Doctors Surgery's in Bourne

Bourne is served by two doctors surgery's - The Galletly Practice (PE10 9BT) and Hereward Group Practice (PE10 9XR). Appointments are available at both surgery's during weekdays, with limited extended hours appointments also available on certain days. Appointments can be booked via the NHS app or using the website for each surgery. It is also possible to call the reception team at each surgery in order to book an appointment.

Hereward Group Practice

  1. Exeter Street
  2. Bourne
  3. Lincolnshire
  4. PE10 9XR
  5. Telephone: 01778 391700
  6. Website:
  8. Find us on Google Maps >>>

The Galletly Practice

  1. 40 North Rd
  2. Bourne
  3. Lincolnshire
  4. PE10 9BT
  5. Telephone: 01778 562200
  6. Website:
  8. Find us on Google Maps >>>

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