Bourn Neighbourhood Policing Team

Bourne has a low crime rate and is generally a safe place to live - it's what makes Bourne such a great place to live. Most of the reported crime is petty crime, such as theft, trespassing and anti-social behaviour. Serious crimes, such as murders, knife and gun attacks are rare in the town; the most documented murder case of recent years is the murder of Alan Wood in the tiny rural Hamlet of Lound, near Bourne.

To help reduce crime in the area, the Bourne and Billingborough Neighbourhood Policing Team need your help.

This feed shows information from Bourne and Billingborough NPT about the Bourne community, including crime updates, witness appeals, news and events in the area.

If you spot a crime in and around Bourne, please contact the Neighbourhood Team directly at or call 101 and ask for Bourne Police Station.

Together, we can prevent crime!

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