Your Guide to Bourne

  • Q: I don't have a car or any other means of transport, does Bourne have a local bus service, and if so where does this take you?
  • A: Yes, Bourne does have a local bus service provided by Delaine. The services runs on a regular basis to the near by towns of Spalding, Stamford and Market Deeping, and villages on route. There is also a regular service to the city of Peterborough. There are bus stops on North Street, West Street, South Street, and at the Bus Station (located off North Street). Buses run everyday of the week, from early in the morning until the late evening. Please call Delaine on 01778 422866 for more information, or view the present bus time tables here.
  • Q: What is education like in Bourne?
  • A: Educational standards are high, with some of the best schools in the county. The Bourne Grammar School is renowned for its excellent standard of education, being featured in Tatler's list of the country's top 20 state secondary schools and named as one of the top 30 best State Schools for Sport 2013 by School Sport Magazine. GCSE results for English, Maths, and Science in local schools are above the national average, with Bourne Grammar School pupils achieving the best GCSEs in Lincolnshire, Rutland and Peterborough. There are six schools in Bourne in total and all are rated by Ofsted as either good or outstanding. There is also a college offering various courses in the town of Stamford, which is around 10 miles from Bourne, and a University Centre at Peterborough, which is around 16 miles from Bourne. Details for schools in the local area can be found within our services section.
  • To find out more about how schools are rated in the area, please see
  • Q: Does Bourne have a job centre, and if so where can I find this?
  • A: Unfortunately Bourne does not have a job centre at present. The nearest job centre is in Stamford or Spalding. For job opportunities in the town, the Bourne Local, Stamford Mercury and other local newspapers provide job listings on a weekly basis. There are also job listings on this website that are updated regularly.
  • Q: I need to book a taxi. What are the best taxi firms in the area?
  • A: Getting a taxi in Bourne isn't an easy task as there are only a limited number of firms still operating in the area. With this in mind, it's always best to try and book a taxi in advance of when you might need one. Some of the most reliable local taxi firms as listed below:
  • Bourne Taxi: 07986 987402
    Mo's Taxi Service: 07826 541264
    Ray's Taxi: 07869 255519
  • Q: Does Bourne have a hospital, and if so where can I find this?
  • A: Unfortunately, Bourne does not have a hospital (although it did do in the past!). The nearest hospital can be found in Peterborough, although Stamford does have a small hospital with an with an Accident and Emergency unit open between 09:00-17:00.
  • Q: Does Bourne have a train station, and if so where can I find this?
  • A: At the present time, unfortunately Bourne does not have a train station, however, there is a train station at near-by Spalding, Stamford and Peterborough.
  • Q: I want to stop in Bourne, what accommodation does Bourne offer visitors?
  • A: There is lots of quality accommodation in and Bourne for visitors. Dating back to the 18th century, the Angel hotel is one of Bourne's best known hotels, located right in the center of the town that offers affordable accommodation (call 01778 422346 to book this hotel). There are also some lovely holiday cottages nested in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside surrounding Bourne, along with caravan & camping parks, bed & breakfast accommodation and even a Youth Hostel in near-by Thurlby. For full details of accommodation in and around Bourne, please view our 'Places to Stay' directory listings.
  • Q: Does Bourne have a cinema, and if not what else is there in the town to entertain you?
  • A: At present Bourne does not have a dedicated cinema. The nearest cinema is located in the Boon Gate area of Peterborough, approximately 16 miles from the town (postcode: PE1 5AU). This is a modern multiscreen cinema showing all the latest movies.
  • There is lots to do in and around town, including a large state-of-the-art leisure centre, complete with a heated indoor swimming pool and fitness suite. There is also a near Olympic size outdoor pool, for those hot summer months, which was named in the 30 Best Lidos in Britain in a feature run in The Times newspaper. Bourne also benefits from a theatre, sports bar, snooker club, golf centre, library and several gyms. If you live on Elsea Park, there's also a large multi-purpose community centre that provides a large variety of clubs and activities for residents, including organised day trips. For a full list of things to do in the town, please visit our Things to do directory.
  • Q: What is crime like in Bourne and the surrounding villages?
  • A: Crime levels in the town and surrounding villages are low, with recent statistics demonstrating that crime levels are below the national averages, demostrating that Bourne is generally considered a safe place to live. In fact, most people will state that they feel perfectly safe walking around all areas of the town after dark - something that can't be said of certain areas of some larger towns and cities.
  • There is a small local police station in the town (located on West Road) and the town benefits from PSCO's to help support the local police force.
  • There is also a Facebook page dedicated to the Bourne and Billingborough Neighbourhood Policing Team that helps to keep people up-to-date with reported crime in the area and encourages the community to get involved in helping to make the area a safer place to live.
  • To check out reported crime in Bourne, please visit
  • Q: I'm new to the area and want to join some local clubs to help me integrate into the community and make new friends, what social activities are available in the town?
  • A: Bourne has lots of clubs and organisations, in a widely diverse range of activities. For details about the many clubs and organisations in and around Bourne, please view our 'Leisure & Entertainment' section.
  • For teenagers, Jeans Youth Cafe, The Salvation Army Youth Club, Elsea Park Youth Club, and the Bourne Youth Centre are great places to hang out with friends, and make new friends in the area. For details of these places, please visit our 'Leisure & Entertainment' section.
  • There are also many ways to get involved in the community by volunteering some of your time. To find out about some of the organisations needing volunteers in the area and how you get more involved in the community, please visit our Support Bourne section.
  • Q: I'm looking to find out about local affairs, what local newspapers are available in Bourne?
  • A: Popular local newspapers include the Bourne Local, Stamford Mercury and the Evening Telegraph. These include information about local news, jobs, events, advertising and other local information.
  • Q: Does Bourne have a private school, and if so where is this located?
  • A: Kirkstone House School is an independent day school for boys and girls aged between four and 16 and is located in the village of Baston, just 4 miles South of Bourne. To find out more information about this school, please call 07785 60350.
  • Q: I'm looking for a good place to eat out in Bourne, could you recommend anywhere?
  • A: Bourne offers a good variety of restaurants, serving a selection of cuisines, including chinese, thai and indian. There are also a good number of pubs in the town that provide traditional pub food - the most recommended include The Nags Head (located on Abbey Road), Smiths of Bourne (located on North Street), The Jubilee Garage (located on North Street) and The Sugar Mill (located off South Road). Be sure also to check out many of the pretty and traditional pubs that are located in the villages around Bourne. For a full list of places to eat in Bourne, please see our Food and Drink directory.
  • Q: Are there any negatives to living in Bourne?
  • A: Bourne is a great place to live with a fantastic community, however, being a small town it does lack the amenities and job opportunities that are often present in a larger town and city. This can make living in the town a bit of a culture shock for anyone who is used to having an abundance of amenities and big businesses on their door step, and you may find yourself heading over to Peterborough for work and if you're wanting to entertain yourself on a rainy day.
  • Although there is a regular bus service to Peterborough and other towns and villages in the area, Bourne does lack a train station, and as a result transport links can seem quite limited if you don't have a vehicle.
  • As with a lot of towns and cities in the UK, the population of Bourne has expanded quite rapidly over the past years and is continuing to do so. This puts extra strain on the town's services and can mean that you wait longer than you would like for a doctors and dentist appointment, and that school places are harder to come by. Steps have been taken, however, to alleviate this but with more and more people choosing to move to town the situation is likely to worsen unless a considerable investment in services is provided.
  • Q: Are the Bourne woods open to the general public and if so how can I access the woods?
  • A: Yes, the Bourne woods are open all year round to the public. There is a car park, picnic area, and many tracks for the public to explore. Access to the woods is available from Beech Avenue and via the A151 to the west of Bourne.
  • Please note that at the present time, there are no public toilets provided.
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