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To get started simply email with the subject 'Advertise my business!' and containing your website/Facebook URL, business name, contact details and your business logo.

Why advertise with us?

According to Google, around 97% of consumers search for a local business online, so it should never be under estimated just how important it is to have a strong online presence. Although having a website is vital to get your business noticed online, getting your site ranked highly on search engines is a long and timely process, and many people are disappointed with the number of visitors they receive. Advertising your business on a website that is already ranked highly in search engines and specifically targets users in your geographical area is therefore the perfect way to improve your visibility online.

Advertising on represents cost effective advertising on an online platform that currently attracts nearly 2000 visitors a month. We have worked hard to ensure has a very high visibility on search engines. Type in 'Bourne Lincs' or 'Bourne Lincolnshire' into Google and you'll notice that we are listed on the very first page of the search engines listings.

Please find below a snapshot showing the visitor number to the site during November 2017. analytics snapshot for November 2017

"We have had quite a few new customers from your advertising so would like to say thank you!", Ruth from Peters Motor Company.

For an annual fee starting from just £80.00 (that's just 23p a day over the course of a year!), we will provide all of the following:

How do I start advertising my business?

  • 1.) Simply email with the subject 'Advertise my business!' and containing your website/Facebook URL, business name, contact details and your business logo.
  • 2.) We'll then produce a suitable graphical banner using your logo and add this to the website on your chosen pages. We'll also tweet about your business and add your business details to our Business Directory.
  • 3.) Once you're happy with the advertising, we'll request full payment through PayPal.

What will my advert look like?

An example of a graphical banner for an existing business advertising with this site is shown below.

James Cottam Flooring, Bourne

This screen capture is from Google Analytics and shows the number of clicks obtained for two of the active banner ads on the site for November 2016.

Who can advertise?

We are happy to advertise any type of business, whether you are a sole trader or large corporate entity. We generally like to advertise businesses that are in or around Bourne itself, but are not adverse to advertising businesses elsewhere in the country too. We are also happy to advertise clubs and organisations.

Why advertise with us?

As you will see from the badge below, has great SEO meaning it features highly in the search engine rankings when using keywords related to Bourne. This means your advertising banner will receive some great exposure via traffic specially targeted towards Bourne. As we place advertising banners at the top of the page, they will be in a prominent location that will catch the user's eye as they browse the page. Unlike advertising in magazines and newspapers, your advertising banner will remain active all year round.

Website Seo score checker

Why do you charge for advertising?

It costs money to keep this website running. We have to pay for hosting the website, along with domain registration and paying for certain services on the site. Advertising revenue helps to pay for all this and without this we wouldn't be able to afford to keep the site running. We have tried to keep the cost of advertising low and as a result we feel this represents excellent value for money, especially when you consider that magazines can charge hundreds of pounds for advertising space.

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