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Places to Stay in Bourne

Bourne is a great place to visit, particularly for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors whilst enjoying the many amenities that Bourne offers. There is lots of quality accommodation available in and around the town to suit a variety of budgets and requirements - from the quaint holiday cottage to a luxury hotel room.

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Windmill Farm Caravan Park

Windmill Farm Caravan Park
  1. Baston Fen
  2. Peterborough
  3. Cambridgeshire
  4. PE6 9PX
  6. Telephone: 01775 640 215
  7. Fax: 07860 215 869

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Youth Hostel

Thurlby Youth Hostel
  1. 16 High St
  2. Thurlby
  3. Bourne
  4. Lincolnshire
  5. PE10 0EE
  7. Telephone: 01778 420812

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